Monday, December 03, 2012


Sleep tight, live right

Studies show that getting proper rest and a good night’s sleep may actually strengthen the immune system.  A healthy immune system is vital, especially as we are in the midst of cold and flu season. 

Registered nurse Sheryl Ness, Mayo Clinic Nurse Educator, offers some simple strategies that may assist you in getting a good quality sleep: 

•  Create good sleep habits. This includes going to bed at the same time every night and waking at the same time every morning. Most people need an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

•  Incorporate a relaxing bedtime routine of a few minutes of meditation, quiet music or easy yoga stretches before you go to bed.

•  If you need to nap during the day, try to nap in the mid-afternoon and limit your nap to 30-60 minutes at the most.

•  Watch your total caffeine intake all day; especially limit drinking coffee, tea or sodas with caffeine in the afternoon and evening hours.

•  If you do have problems falling to sleep after a few minutes, get out of bed and try reading or doing another relaxing activity until you feel sleepy again.

•  Create a good sleep environment. The bedroom should be quiet and relaxing; try using ear plugs and window shades if needed. 

Backus Hospital Pharmacist Ryan Jones acknowledges that stress can make sleep difficult.  

“Try to remove any stressful or worrying thoughts from the forefront of your mind before going to bed,” he said.  “If the next day’s tasks have you stressed, make a list of them before bed. This simple act helps clear the mind of stressful thoughts for the night.”

If all of these measures fail, discuss with your primary care provider the possibility of sleep aids or medication.

Alice Facente is a community education nurse for the Backus Health System. To comment on this column or others, visit the Healthy Living blog at or e-mail Ms. Facente or any of the Healthy Living columnists at   

Very well said.Living healthy takes us to think right and feel good,It is not only beneficial for our body but our mind also.Thanks..
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